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ICO date: 01.05.2018 - 14.07.2018
Product Type: Service
Industry: Mining

Cryptosolartech is a cryptocurrency mining farm powered by a photovoltaic solar energy plant.


Cryptosolartech is a digital asset, whose tenure will indicate the rental of a fraction of a cryptocurrency mining farm and a photovoltaic solar energy plant. Initially, the location of the photovoltaic plant will be in the province of Seville (Spain) and the mining farm will be in Malaga (Spain) in an industrial warehouse enabled for this activity.

Cryptosolartoken is the basic token of Cryptosolartech that will use the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Once the DAO is underway, the possession of these tokens allows the rental of Asics in proportion to the participation in the DAO. These Asics, that will be rented in correspondence proportional to the tenure of the tokens, will generate mining profits that will be delivered to the holders of said tokens with semi-annual regularity.

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