Cryptopus (CPP)


Pre-ICO start date: 02.12.2017
Pre-ICO end date: 30.01.2018


ICO start date: 26.02.2018
ICO end date: 01.05.2018
ICO Token Supply: 35000000
Soft cap size: 5,000 ETH
Hard cap size: 35,000 ETH

Token Details

Ticker: CPP
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token Standard: ERC-20
Additional Token Emission: No
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.000800 ETH
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC
Bonus Program:

ICO bonus: 10-20% discount

Token distribution:

Total amount - 100,000,000

39% - to be sold by the Company to ICO purchasers.
1% - are going to bounty program.
30% - are going to be reserved to pay to our «Keepers».
30% - are going to be kept inside of the project for its purposes.

Funds allocation:

80% - we put into our insurance fund.

5% - to become, we have to exchange into real currencies in order to pay to our workers and support team.

10% - put into real world to reward our helpers while ICO process had place.

5% - to put on the private wallet and leave them for any kind of unexpected purposes, such as company registration taxes and charges, etc.

ICO Platform: No

Bounty: 1%

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