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ICO date: 15.03.2018 - 30.04.2018
Industry: Privacy & Security
Computing & Data Storage

Cryptelo is a blockchain-based encryption technology company that provides data transfer, collaboration, versioning, and storage services.


Cryptelo Platform technology combines encryption and blockchain based key management that allows for data mirroring. This means users can share data by giving access, without it ever leaving their hands, and no third party can access and read data without permission.

Data security is in the hands of the users with Cryptelo drive. The data is accessible only to the person to whom the user of Cryptelo give it.

Cryptelo drive protects the data as follows: if the server is stolen or a computer is attacked, the data cannot be recovered.

Cryptelo drive obscures the names of the users, file names, and the very existence of communication between users, therefore Cryptelo provides the right to privacy.

By 2018 Cryptelo aims to release the Beta Version of the Cryptelo Platform. The new version of Cryptelo will empower developersto incorporate state-of-the-art encryption and key management, without the need for advanced cryptography skills.

Cryptelo Token (CRL) is a ERC20 based token. CRL tokens can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and for FIAT currencies on various exchanges. 

Founded: Czech Republic, 2014
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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