Crassula Capital (CRASS)


ICO start date: 22.01.2018
ICO end date: 14.03.2018
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD

Token Details

Ticker: CRASS
Type: Utility-token
Token Standard: ERC-20
Additional Token Emission: No
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 100.000000 USD
Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, DASH, LTC, ARK, ZEC, Monero
Bonus Program:

Buyers get the cashback from each next sold out tokens.

Token distribution:

100% tokens will be sold at the ICO

Funds allocation:

- 90% of the received fees are transferred to the investment portfolio of Crassula Capital
- from 5 to ~ 9.5% of the amount of fees is credited to the Management Team
- according to the Bonus program from 0 to 5% of the amount of fees go to the payment of bonuses (cashback) to investors for participating in the ICO
- 0.5%, but not more than $ 100,000, goes to the participants of the Bounty campaign.

ICO Platform: No

Bounty: 5%
Translation: 15%
Social Media: 47%
Bitcointalk Signature Campaign: 35 %
Other: 3

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