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ICO date: 09.07.2018 - 06.08.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Education

Code of Talent is the blockchain powered micro-learning platform designed to uplift people’s learning motivation.


Сode of talent platform will use the Ethereum’s smart contract to incentivize contributors with tokens, based on a community validated merit-based rewarding system. Learners, anywhere in the world, will be rewarded for their progress and achievements while educators will receive tokens based on the quality, interactivity and engagement of their micro-learning content.

Code of Talent will be a digital decentralized space that self-regulates the quality of the content by allowing ratings from users engaged in the courses. These ratings would indicate the quality and the popularity of the content provided by the educators, and therefore will be subject to the platform’s rewarding system. Learners will also be incentivized based on their accomplishment levels.

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