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Computing & Data Storage


ChromaWay develops a distributed database product called Postchain.


The Chromaway project aims to connect women and families in dangerous and fragile contexts, bringing a secure communication environment.

Chromaway allows users to share information between companies and/or individuals in a secure and transparent way. By forming a consortium that has a shared consortium database, users can safely reconcile and share data. Chromaway uses a consensus mechanism that ensures that even if one or several of the participants in the system is hacked or otherwise compromised the system as a whole functions as intended.

ChromaWay has been working with Sofitto to create SofiWay, a blockchain-based network for immediate settlement of payment directly between individuals with a flexible and extensible architecture to support an ecosystem of applications and integrations. SofiWay is designed to support the development of the E-krona, the e-currency project created by the Swedish Central Bank.


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