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ICO date: 15.11.2017 - 31.12.2017
Industry: Energy & Utilities

Charg Coin utilizes blockchain technology to crowdshare electric vehicle charging stations, allowing electric vehicle drivers to rent parking and charging time from anyone who owns a Charg Station.


The Software. Using the power of smart plugs and smart switches, Charg Coin has found an affordable method for connecting a node to a charge station, whereby the node is able to communicate with other Charg Nodes and Apps via smart contract.

App Features. The app will have an intuitive user interface and work with existing map software to locate the optimal charging station.

Node Features. Сomputerwhich is capable of working with API and/or the Ethereum Blockchain has the potential to be converted to a node. The smart plug connects to the node and the node talks to the Charg network, which piggybacks off of the Ethereum Blockchain in tandem with Hyperledger to transact.

Founded: United States, 2017

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