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Chain ID

Identity & Reputation


Chain ID is a blockchain based certificate management system where users can store their diploma, certificates and licenses.


 It is absolutely free for end users and large certificate giving authorities. The user can share the certificate with anyone digitally just by sharing the ChainID address where his certificates are stored on the blockchain.


Token Sale
ICO start date 01 Feb 2018
ICO end date 28 Feb 2018
ICO token supply 7,000,000
Hard cap size 4,000,000 USD (fiat)
Country Limitations Canada, China, United States
Token details
Ticker CID
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Bonus Program

30% bonus for first 300000 tokens
25% bonus for next 400000 tokens
20% bonus for next 500000 tokens
15% bonus for next 700000 tokens
10% bonus for next 1000000 tokens

Token distribution

71% - ICO

18% - tokens Team and Advisors

7.5% - tokens Bounty programs

3.5% - tokens Reserved for future use

Funds allocation

60% - product development itself
10% - for bounty programs for fast user acquisition
10% - for marketing – content creation and social media promotion.
10% - will be used for paying for “gas” 
5% - is allocated for running Chain ID company
2% - for hosting, servers and other paid services
3% - reserved for unforeseen expenses.


Type of scores
Hype score Low Active
Risk score Medium Active

Team members

Legal And Business Consultant
Algorithm Developer

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Low
Risk score Info Medium
Chain ID ICO Contacts
More on ICO


Start ICO 01 Feb 2018
End ICO 28 Feb 2018
Token CID
Price 1 CID = 1.11136 USD
Product Type Platform
Country Limitations Canada, China, United States
Whitepaper View
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