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ICO date: 25.12.2017 - 05.04.2018
Industry: Transport

Global&decentralized car history registry built on Blockchain technology - carVertical (CV).


carVertical collects large quantities of information from a lot of different trusted sources, organizes it in the form of records and stores it on the blockchain. carVertical feeds this information into carVertical data analysis stack, which, by using machine learning and advanced mathematical models, calculates the real value. Most of carVertical elements will be open sourced and carVertical system will be moving to full decentralization to preserve transparency. carVertical will incentivize and empower users to easily collect and get rewarded for the data they own. carVertical is using Merkle tree with Merkle reduce list to store final state of vehicle data in Ethereum.

carVertical registration process will include verifying the user’s identity to the public key of his wallet. carVertical users will have to use Civic (they will implement more identity services later) to verify their identity (they will not be handling any personal data).

carVertical vehicle owners will be able to pay using tokens they currently own and receive discounts according to the amount of tokens they hold. Marketplace will be built with Ardor (an evolved version of NXT) blockchain.

Technical details:

Ethereum ERC20 standard token.

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