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ICO date: 01.06.2018 - 31.07.2018
Product Type: Organization
Industry: Mining
Real Assets

Borneo First plans to run blockchain projects aimed at the development of the infrastructure of Borneo Island.


In the beginnig, Borneo First plans to develop three key projects.

The Coal Green Mining Project will include the purchase of several small-scale mining sites, which will only use bio-diesel fuel. The production output will be provided to independent power plants, cement, paper and steel factories and exported overseas

The Independent Power Plant Project is designed to synergize with the other two projects. It will be fueled by the Coal Green Mining Project and will be used to power the Cryptocurrency Mining Project.

The Cryptocurrency Mining Project will deploy up to 3500 ASIC units. The mined cryptocurrency will be chosen by the team experts.

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Low 1.3 / 5.0
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