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ICO date: 25.05.2018 - 25.06.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Events & Entertainment
Crowdfunding & Lending

Bond​ is a decentralized video streaming service and crowdinvesting platform for the film and video industry, based on the cryptocurrency economy.


Bond  video streaming platform will allow users who will be watching original and high quality content to buy ownership stakes from their favorite authors. Bond will also provide users with a smart recommendation service, which will feature relevant and promising authors and their projects.

Bond  direct financial feedback between content Creators, crowdinvestors and audiences.

Bond is two services in one: a subscription-based video streaming service featuring content from independent creators; and a crowdinvesting platform, which allows anyone to invest in and profit from new film and video projects.

When Bond  users watch and/or like some content, its Author receives a share of the revenue gained by the Bond Platform from user subscription fees.

Bond Token will be used throughout the platform for all payment related to monthly subscription payments, crowdinvestments, distribution of the revenue to all stakeholders.

The Bond  tokens from user subscription payments will be sent to the Smart Contract and after the calculations are completed, the Smart Contract will distribute the collected funds to the wallets of all the relevant stakeholders - Authors and Crowdinvestors.

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