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Product Type: Platform
Industry: Drugs & Healthcare

Blupass - BlockChain Technology for Total Healthcare Solutions.


Blüpass will build a multi-layer blockchain to accommodate existing and new healthcare technologies. Blockchain will decentralize the way we store data and manage information. This will lead to a reduced role for the middleman.

  • Carriers & Insurers. Insurance carriers will have their claims administered with decreased errors. They will also be insulated against instances of fraud. Portable Benefit Utilities or PBU's will increase consumer satisfaction with insurers.
  • Providers. Providers will receive patient medical records and be paid faster. Providers can reduce billing overhead and save money. They will realize funds from services rendered. With Blüpass, data from instant health records will reduce medical errors and lower malpractice costs.
  • Marketplace. The Blüpass Marketplace will provide interconnective solutions for third party applications. Solutions such as Telemedicine, electronic medical records and other innovative ideas will flourish.

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