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Bloom is an end-to-end protocol for identity attestation, risk assessment and credit scoring, entirely on the blockchain.


The Bloom protocol improves the current credit ecosystem by creating a globally portable and inclusive credit profile, reducing the need for traditional banking infrastructure and opaque, proprietary credit scores.

The Bloom protocol facilitates the broadening and efficient operation of the credit market by allowing both fiat and digital asset lenders to extend credit to individuals and institutions operating in markets with underdeveloped or immature credit infrastructure, national identities or banking systems, without taking on additional risk.

The Bloom protocol provides solutions to enable any lender authorized by a borrower to securely issue credit to that borrower.

BloomIQ is a system for reporting and tracking current and historical debt obligations that are tied to a user’s BloomID. BloomIQ’s tracking mechanism puts the user in control, requiring each instance of payment data release to a 3rd party to be authorized by the user.

In the Bloom protocol, “peer-to-peer staking” is a mechanism for representing real-world relationships between individuals with the goal of establishing both an indicator of creditworthiness and authenticity of identity.

The Bloom network will bootstrap the network by marking a small number of users and organizations as “trusted” network participants. These participants will be manually vetted by the Bloom team. Loans, attestations, and risk assessments involving trusted participants during the bootstrapping phase will mark certain participants as authentic Bloom users.


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