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Bitto (BITTo)

Blockchain Infrastructure


Bitto is an exchange platform that is user friendly, rewarding and tailored to suit users needs. 


An exchange platform.

Multi functional interface and a peer to peer dashboard. 

BiTTo provides the support and security of trades.


Technical Details

BiTTo is a Proof of Stake coin based on the Ethereum token ERC20 and is backed by the Ethereum blockchain. This allows for lower cost transaction and benefit from the rise of prices in both ETH and BTC. 


Pre-sale start date 28 Dec 2017
Pre-sale end date 05 Jan 2018
ICO start date 28 Dec 2017
ICO end date 31 Jan 2018
ICO token supply 21,000,000
Soft cap 1,000 ETH
Hard cap size 24,000,000 USD (fiat)
ICO Platform 3
Token details
Ticker BITTo
Type Cryptocurrency
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies




Bonus Program

Pre-Sale - 30%

Stage 1 - 25%

Stage 2 - 10%

Stage 3 - 5%

Stage 4 - 0%

Token distribution

3% - Trader rewards
10% - team
12% - Reserve funds
18% - Early supporters/bounty
10% - PoS Rewards
47% - Token contribution

Funds allocation

10% - Marketing
10% - Legal & Human resources
1% - Hosting servers
20% - Walet, app & future dev
14% - Physical offices, worldwide support team
5% - Reward for platform users
35% - Dev of exchanges
5% - Referal


Type of scores
Hype score Medium Active
Risk score High Active

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Medium
Risk score Info High

ICO Contacts




Start ICO 28 Dec 2017
End ICO 31 Jan 2018
Token BITTo
Price 1 BITTo = 1 USD
MVP No product
Whitepaper View

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