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ICO date: 14.05.2018 - 11.06.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Education

BitSchool is education platform integrating AI eLearning, teaching and tutoring.

  • Adaptive AI Assessment (Adaptively adjusts the difficulty of each question to ensure students are both challenged and motivated)
  • Adaptive Lesson Plans (Suggested lesson activities and customised timings depending on the needs of the class)
  • Adaptive Video Technology (Delivers customised videos tailored to the student’s learning needs, style and pathway)
  • Tracking and Insights (Displays the precise knowledge level of each student down to the micro level of each sub-topic studied)
  • Dynamic Marking System (Enables class teacher, peer, paid tutor and automatic assessment of assignments)
  • Gamified Learning (Levels, points, rewards and more are all used to boost engagement and motivation of students)
  • On-Demand Tutor Service 
  • GoGreenFund (roviding equal learning opportunities for low income students)
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