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ICO date: 19.02.2018 - 15.07.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Sports

BEAT is the Sport Alliance platform and the CryptoCurrency for the world of Sports.


The Sport Alliance Platform:

  • Customer Interface: a network of sports community apps, fitness equipment, trackers, etc.
  • E-Commerce: B2B / B2C e-commerce marketplaces integrated in the customer and provider interfaces
  • Service Layer: package of services from financials to lead generation
  • Cloud Management: software suite to manage the daily operations of sports & health providers

BEAT - the CryptoCurrency for the world of Sports.

  • Earn BEATs by Doing Sports: BEATs are earned by tracking sportive activities within the ecosystem. 
  • Trade BEATs on Exchanges: BEATs will be listed on exchanges around the world. 
  • Pay with BEATs within The Ecosystem: earned and traded by participants doing sports, BEATs will have a monetary value to pay for goods and services in different ecosystems. 
Founded: Germany, 2016
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating
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Medium 2.7 / 5.0
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