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ICO date: 03.06.2018 - 15.07.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Art & Music

BARTVault enables artists and art owners to protect their art through encrypted ‘Provenance Tokens’ on the blockchain. The Tokens prevent altering of vital information of art assets and their chain of custody.

  • Multicurrency Acceptance: The BARTVault platform accepts all currencies including Fiat currencies.
  • Tokens for Art Assets: Provenir Tokens are encrypted ‘Provenance certificates’ and are an alternative to the `exhaustive paper trail used to prove the authenticity and ownership of art.
  • Smart Contracts: Transactions related to permanent or temporary transfer of custody and/or ownership of the Provenir Tokens are governed by escrow smart contracts that record all events in the life cycle of an art.
  • Token for Derivatives: the Provenir derivatives token (PDT) encodes usage rights and permissions to the art asset. 
  • Arbitration and Claim of Ownership: the arbitration algorithm selects arbiters and the outcome is decided by a majority of votes.
  • Open API for ‘connected market': exchange with other external art commerce platforms, partners, and agencies with an interest in expanding the art market.
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