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ICO date: 15.04.2018 - 31.05.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Computing & Data Storage

BaaSid offers certificate services to the internet service providers using a P2P-based distributed database that is based on blockchain.


The "BaaSid one-time instant verification" is a method where an internet service provider develops and maintains another centralized database, or undergoes a "third party certification authority" or in the absense of a source to compare, based on the Certification of Public Network of "BaaSid," an unspecified number of participants are verified.

BaaSid participants can access all websites (application standard of "BaaSid's" API) including those of financial institutions, banks, brokerages, and retail with tight security and convenience. "BaaSid" has this type of potential customer infrastructure and is also a form of "verification managed governance."

BaaSid Users (participants) takу part in the BaaSid to share the mutual benefit through the solidarity of each stakeholder's role, responsibility and activity.

BaaSid plans to develop and offer a HC-API(Hyper Confirm API) which can more easily and safely resolve current complex and inefficient verification steps that should be followed with a COPN(Certification of Public Network) infrastructure.

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