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ICO date: 10.04.2018 - 20.04.2018
Industry: Social Services & Non-profit

Auctus is the blockchain and smart contract based retirement plan platform.


The Auctus Platform brings retirement savers from around the world together, providing a marketplace where users can create and exchange tailored retirement apps and services.

The Auctus platform furthermore provides information and, as well as access to analytic tools and robo advisory, allowing the user to take decisions.

Auctus Platform enables to set personal retirement goals. Auctus Platform will give risk/return adjusted recommendations, based on individual circumstances.

Furthermore, by using Auctus Platform, it will be possible to pick the investments. Users could choose the investments from stocks and bonds, or from portfolios handpicked by Auctus' financial experts.

From Auctus Platform users will receive the portfolio, which will help to improve the return.

Auctus Platform will automatically rebalance the portfolio, when needed.

The aim of the AUC Token is to provide a transparent and low fee structure, aligning the interest of human and robo advisors with savers’ goals. The multi-purpose AUC token was designed to fuel the Auctus platform.

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