ICO date: TBA
Industry: Travel & Tourism

AIRSTAYZ™ enables travelers to book online and skip the desk. AIRSTAYZ incentivizes travelers, hotels and local businesses to connect on a single platform.


AIRSTAYZ™ is an existing platform pioneering the blockchain travel sector with the release of STAY, an ERC223 token.

AIRSTAYZ™ and the STAY token are brought to market by industry leaders including the creator of OpenTable. AIRSTAYZ™ is a comprehensive solution that incentivizes travelers, hotels and local businesses to connect on a single platform.

 STAY will allow travelers to be automatically rewarded with a currency that has actual industry demand. STAY will be given to the travelers as rewards and they can now choose to redeem the token for a multitude of offered goods and services. Providers need STAY to win more business, which places their success in the hands of the guests holding the STAY. Hotels, transportation providers, dining, and venues need STAY to interact with the AIRSTAYZ™ platform.

By using AIRSTAYZ™, any sized business will be able to buy placement, or propose special offers to win customers.

Each stay will not be fixed against the dollar after launch, and will instead be converted for services within the economy. The growth of each STAY is based on the growth of the user and hotel base instead of fiat-fixed. As more hotels, restaurants and destinations join, they will need STAY to grow.

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