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ICO date: 04.06.2018 - 31.07.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: IT
Computing & Data Storage

AI Crypto is an artificial intelligence ecosystem based on blockchain.


The AI Crypto platform will comprise three layers: AI Crypto Vessels, AI Crypto Skeleton and AI Crypto Organism.

The participants of the AI Crypto Ecosystem take part in the system by providing the main factors of AI, such as hardware, data, and models, in the stratum defined as AI Crypto Vessels. They provide the resources they possess and get coins as a fee from the resource users in return. At the same time, when the resources are proven worthy by other members of the ecosystem, the providers get additional rewards in the AI Crypto Skeleton in accordance with the principle of Proof of Value (PoV).

The individuals taking part in the AI Crypto Ecosystem provide some portions of the computational capacity in their own GPUs to the public network to supply resources needed for AI calculations and get rewarded with AIC coins in return. The computational units distributed over the public network will be allocated to requested works by the Resource Allocator in AI Crypto Skeleton. The collected fees for using the resources will be distributed by the Contribution Rating System provided in the Vessels to realize the philosophy of Proof of Value (PoV).

In the AI Crypto Ecosystem users can use some or the whole parts of a shared dataset for free or on a paid basis. The fee is delivered to the data providers as a reward and some portion of it is used as a commission for running AI Crypto Skeleton. The created data should meet the criteria of the initial requester and can later be provided to other users in need of that data either for free or on a paid basis. If the created data is used frequently in the AI Crypto Ecosystem, resulting in the boost of AI Crypto Ecosystem’s consumption value, it is evaluated highly by Contribution Rating System in AI Crypto Skeleton and the provider gets rewarded with coins owned by AI Crypto Skeleton according to the principle of PoV.

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Medium 2.7 / 5.0
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