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ICO date: 26.08.2017 - 09.09.2017
Industry: Commerce & Retail

A search engine for products. Ahoolee compares prices in online stores using a decentralized platform for collecting and indexing information from open sources with confirmation of authenticity based on the blockchain technology.


- Compare prices in all shops worldwide - Search in all shops all over the world - Pay with cryptocurrency in any online-shop.

Technical details:

Our blockchain is based on Ethereum fork. How the Ahoolee system works: 1. When adding a new store to the system, the search spider collects all the necessary information about products from it. This information appears on https://ahoolee.com in real-time mode. 2. When the user accesses the product card, the time of price update is checked and if the information is considered out-of-date, a transaction is created to update the price and receives the In Process status. A transaction is a set of urls for updating the price plus a smart contract for parsing. 3. The first stage: miners search for a hash that gives the right to parse information and sign a smart contract. 4. The first miner who has found the hash parses the necessary data, generates public and private keys, and then attaches the public key and encrypted data to the smart contract. Encryption is done so that the executors of the smart contract do not know about the data received by the first miner and cannot forge the information without parsing. Thus, the executors of the smart contract (from the 2nd to the Nth miners who found the hash) also parse the data by the addresses present in the transaction, encrypt them with the first miner’s public key, transfer the data to the smart contract and sign it. 5. After receiving N signatures, the data from the smart contract are decrypted and checked by the first miner and if all the data from the parsers are the same, the smart contract is closed and the transaction gets the Pending status. 6. The second stage: at the same time, the miners collect all the transactions that have the Pending status, make a block out of them and search for a hash in order to add the block to the blockchain. 7. After the block is added to the blockchain, the fee is paid, and the tokens are distributed among the miners who signed the smart contracts and the one who created the block and added it to the blockchain. 8. The updated product prices are displayed on https://ahoolee.com. In order to prevent DDoS attacks on sites, the complexity of the first and second stages is adjusted depending on the frequency of requests. In order for identical items from different stores to be collected in one product card, we use machine learning algorithms for product matching. Our team has extensive experience in this field as we have been providing this service to online stores in the form of the Miiix SaaS service from 2012. We also want to provide assessors with an opportunity to earn our tokens. Their task will be to check if the data obtained from parsing match. Since there is a human factor involved, there is a possibility of error, so we will use several people’s signatures with the aim of avoiding errors. That is, for the system to accept the link between products as correct, it will be necessary to have 4 out of 5 matches for this product from assessors. In order to avoid fraud on the part of unscrupulous workers, the system itself distributes assignments for matching among different accounts. The system pays a reward with our tokens for manual matching, depending on the amount of work done.

Website: ahoolee.io
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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