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Business Services & Consulting


A self-regulating technology incubator for blockchain innovation. An alternative to traditional venture capital funding, angel investments and other established financial sources


- Community-based ecosystem which aims to develop, support and fund blockchain projects - Users can introduce their projects to the Adel community and get help on solidifying their proposals for funding - The Adel team will advise projects in various fields such as finance, marketing, tech, and law.opportunities for investment, innovation and employment - Project areas: banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, big data, analytics, blockchain, business intelligence, IT security, cloud-based services

Technical Details

Adel is built on the Nxt platform. This provides projects with a wide range of features: phased transactions, assets that can represent either digital or physical products (i.e. Asset Exchange), community voting, multi-signatory authorization, and shuffling.


Token Sale
ICO start date 30 Apr 2017
ICO end date 30 May 2017
Raised 1,672,391 USD
Token details
Ticker ADL
Additional Token Emission No
Token distribution

There will be a total of 100 million non-mineable Adelphoi units available in the Adel ecosystem: 85 million Adelphoi will be distributed through 3 rounds of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). 15 million Adelphoi will be distributed amongst the Adel Services (consisting of staff members, partners, board members, special supporters, and other supporting 3rd parties). From this amount, 5 million Adelphoi will be released at each round of the ICO. The first round issuing 33,333,333 Adelphoi.


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Funding Rounds


Exchange name
Fiat money
NA $ $

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Medium
Risk score Info NA
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Raised: $1,672,391

Start ICO 30 Apr 2017
End ICO 30 May 2017
Token ADL
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