ICO start date: 16.09.2017
ICO end date: 30.10.2017

Token Details

Additional Token Emission: No
Accepted Currencies: ETH
Token distribution:

30% of tokens will be sold to accredited investors in the pre-sale portion of the Token Sale to secure funds for further product development, business development and operations 30% of tokens will be sold in the crowdsale portion of the Token Sale to secure funds for customer and international expansion (Production Funds) 16% of tokens will be held by project founders and the rest of the team that helped to bring the project to life with their hard work and dedication 4% of tokens will be given to early stage angel investors and true believers who showed a lot of trust and provided rocket fuel for our idea 5% of tokens are intended for the initial stocking of the bounty pool to reward contributors who help build and curate our database of entities 8% of tokens will be awarded to our advisors and ambassadors that helped the project with their knowledge and expertise 7% of tokens will be reserved for future partners who will join the project at a later stage All tokens belonging to founders, employees and seed investors will be reverse vested for 12 months with monthly cliffs. Funds allocation: 33% Technological Development 17% Marketing 17% Growth & Support 17% Non Tech Development 17% Ops

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