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Yes, their fees are pretty...

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Yes, their fees are pretty high compared to other major exchanges, and you have to buy in bulk-- at least for the penny-cryptos, which is the only real reason to use this exchange over some others. The layout and tools are nice and easy to use. I wouldn't necessarily recommend them unless they were the only exchange trading a coin that was about to become available on others; the ensuing bull would probably cover the fees.<br/><br/>However, I see a lot of people getting upset at time of transfer, and I have to make a plea to reason. The mania surging towards the crypto market flooded all the exchanges and at times bogged some down to the point that trades had to be suspended. Remember when bitcoin went over 20k on some Asian exchanges while simultaneously selling for almost half that on others? I had btc that day and I watched the price rise to 18k, while I was at work no less. I took a break so I could try to sell over and over as the price continued to rise past 19k when the exchange just crashed. I looked back later and they claimed the peak was 17k.<br/><br/>The point is, there are real scam artists out there, (read the reviews for the yobit exchange) and you provide cover for them by calling out legitimate exchanges. We should freely share our experiences and ideas even if they're negative, but jumping to conclusions about why that happened doesn't help anybody.
17 Jan 2018 by CryptoCompare

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