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Why The Fuck can we only sell and buy in divisibles of 100, 1000, 10000, Fucking retarded exchange I have fuckin worthless 89 TRX currently worth $5 USD that can never be sold or moved because I am not paying a 170 TRX fee to withdraw them out. Why does it take 170 TRX fee to withdraw. Binance only charged 70 TRX. You will have alot of useless currency laying around in your hitbtc wallets if you use HitBtc exchange because of the divisible selling like my 89 TRX which I only need to buy 11 more but I cant because you can only FUcking buy divisbles of 100 TRX at a timeLMFAO. Meaning the 89 TRX will be stuck in the wallet forever. Also don't deposit any bitcoin unless you want to pay the fee.
24 Apr 2018 by CryptoCompare

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