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was withdrawing your Bitcoin or cash from HitBTC easy? <br/><br/>Don't know - they suspended my ability to withdraw my coins without recourse.<br/><br/>were the HitBTC support staff timely and helpful<br/><br/>The only way to reach them is through email or web. They respond at first with a generic message and ignore you afterwards. There is no way to reach anyone of fight back if there is a mistake on their part. They can and do confiscate coins for any reason, even server or technical errors on their part. <br/><br/>was the HitBTC website easy use<br/><br/>It doesn't matter if they steal your coins.<br/><br/>was trading liquid and safe on HitBTC<br/><br/>NO!!! STAY AWAY!!!<br/><br/>This is a scam site. They confiscated my ETH coins and have so far ignored my support requests. I'm not the only one that it's happened to. Check their forums, sub-reddit and/or search for 'hitBTC' on twitter and you'll see the many angry customers that have had their coins confiscated or 'lost' without recourse. High chance of losing your coins.
25 Nov 2017 by CryptoCompare

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