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usually good but sometimes unaccetable

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Trading is cheap and passing order is easy.I saw all complaints about people not able to transfer funds and I'm quite surprised. I transferred out a few times (a few ETH in total and some XRP) and it worked pretty well. The transfer fees are a bit high though.Once I had to click twice to receive the confirmation email, I'm not sure some people will consider it a deal breaker.Never got a problem of transfer from main to trading account.I got, for a few times, a cloudfare error stating that the site was unreachable, and it remained so for hours. That's clearly not a good thing.But the worst, it's the unavailability of transfer into the exchange. For example from 22 dec to 2 jan (and counting, it's not fixed yet) it's not possible to send XRP and DIM. Now, for XRP one could use other exchanges but DIM is so far only traded in hitbtc but as it is, it's a fake value cause nobody can transfer in.
Andrea Paggiaro
26 Dec 2017 by Trustpilot

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