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They will eventually take your money

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They will come up with fenced scams.. Meaning they'll do something that affects a disposable portion of the population while others will think a section of traders are whining for no reason. You will get no reply to your tickets whatsoever. Money gone, point blank. All those who think it's fine will eventually buy some coin that HitBTC have decided to base the latest scam on, and then regret ignoring all the warnings flying around. But there are so many new investors that the scam profits are worth losing some traders periodically.Edit: in reply to hitbtc below, I'm glad you guys have invested in customer care but you need to fix the issues not pretend they don't exist. You've asked for an opportunity to somllve my problems, so here goes, on a public forum.. What have you done to compensate those who bought PRS only to find out you had had set that commonly understood ticker to PMC, a dead long gone coin? Why would you even list it apart from to perform fraudulent dumping on unsuspecting traders? It's like buying USD and finding out it stood for something else, like Ugandan State Dollar. Very very suspicious and fraudulent. Forget my personal tickets, please explain this one since you're wearing this customer centric hat this last few weeks..
Uno Knome
27 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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