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They proved theirself not to...

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They proved theirself not to be trusworthy. <br/><br/>On November 14th 2017 Hitbtc (@hitbtc) started to accept BTG deposits and Withdraws, and on November 17th I decided to open my account over there and since then I have being trading BTG over their platform and so far everything looked good. <br/><br/>Until today (November 20th, 2017) when Bittrex (@bittrexexchange) also started to accept BTG deposits and Withdraws, but the BTG opened at more than 500USD, so I decided to move my BTG stock from HitBtc over bittrex, of course. <br/><br/>That’s when the problem started, first their website coincidently started to send bad gateway messages when I tried to access my BTG wallet, and that took 3 hours to get back to normal. <br/><br/>When the account menu was back online, I could see that my BTG balance was over to my “on trade” balance, as if I was using my stock on a active order, but guess what? I was not. If someone or something traded my BTG it wasn't me.<br/><br/>The whole time there was a message saying that they were updating their entire system, but I could withdraw all kind of crypto, except BTG.<br/><br/>From that point it took me another hour without being able to do anything with my balance except pray for whoever was using my money to trade, not to lose everything. <br/><br/>So 4 hours later I finally manage to start the withdraw process, but at this moment BTG was already @400USD, and from the moment that I finally managed to submit the withdraw request took them anoter 7 hours to in fact process it into BTG network and another 10 blocks to process the transaction, YES that’s it, I had to wait 13 hours to have get my money out of there. <br/><br/>Actually, it happened to me and another thousands of costumers that went through the same lack of respect with our investments, they claim to be an exchange but we can't really exchange when the opportunity to make real money is out there. And that isn't the first time they do that. So be aware that they will LOCK your assets at the BEST opportunity appears and who knows for what reason?<br/><br/>Who knows what happens when they get another opportunity of doing that again, I think they won't hesitate, because as I said before, they already did that in a recent event when NEO was sky rocketing - That did not happened to my, but ppl testemony is that's all over their twitter account.<br/><br/>The end of that story is that I lost the opportunity of getting 10 thousand dollar profit and instead I got 5, which still good, but still it does't give them the RIGHT to do that with MY ASSETs.
21 Nov 2017 by CryptoCompare

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