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The worst support and exchange

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The worst support one can get. Also the fees are much to high.Another point is that some coins are offline for withdrawels, without any reason, because at the same time I could withdraw the same coin from binance..so that was surely an internal error.Edit: Ohh the great hitbtc has suddenly the mercy to responde, although its not helpfull..Look you little.....I surely have contacted you for assistance, but I did not get any..The only reference was look at the help desk..And anyway I dont need excuses for not being able to withdraw..I need solutions!!! Also I forgot to mention that if you want to withdraw you need to whitelist your adresses and that also takes an additional time of 48hours.Dont tell me its for secrutity reasons. Why should a 3 times checked withdrawel need additional security..First of all everybody can secure themselves with 2FA security then there is another step to confirm the withdrawel via email link and 3. Is you need the password to log into your account..Its because of your internal liquidity issues checks and balances whatever not for security..so dont scam me about security reasons!!!
Yarrak Hasan
22 Jan 2019 by Trustpilot

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