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the look the function of the site is…

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the look the function of the site is brilliant. delisting coins without notice, and stating that there is a system monitor, or withdrawal capability is a poor, poor excuse to give to someone losing their money. going to sleep waking up and it is not traded so you can't buy more to afford the withdrawal fee is b.s. only to look at the system monitor after the fact, freak'n morons. 2 occasions been lied to by eugene and mina support agents. Eugene says it won't happen again, mina disappeared. I understand sh!t happens, but don't give vague,untrue, or straight up made up answers in emails, you know I keep them, right? still waiting for my eos manual credit, its 26+ hours later Paola! We have checked all the data associated with this transaction. It hasn’t been processed automatically because of a third-party software failure. We will process your transaction manually and let you know as soon as we have any news.Please accept our apologies for this one-time delay.Yours,Paola BalzanoHitBTC Team
Joshua Van Tilborg
08 Nov 2019 by Trustpilot

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