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Stay away from HitBTC - SCAM ALERT

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ticket id: 310272Stay away from HitBTC, they will freeze your account and never answer your tickets.If they do after a few weeks/months, they ll ask you bank statements with historic of deposit and withdrawals and notirized letter from officials to prove certain past transactions.They scam their clients as nobody will ever give them that or will be able to.This probably why Mcafee is asking the crypto community to boycott them as well in one of his recent tweet (30 june 2018) in addition to the fact that their withdrawals fees are out of this world.Also, HitBTC has no official business locations and nobody knows where they operate from. This simply should tell you to stay away from this scamming exchange.Millions USD are frozen and the internet is full of people stories having their funds lost with HitBTC.Don't be one of them.
Mind Your Coins
30 Jun 2018 by Trustpilot

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