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RUN AWAY from HitBtc.

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RUN AWAY from HitBtc.I havent been able to access my account for more than 2 months. The support is very bad. It does not give alternatives. It is a chain of emails to try to solve the problem, but if you dont get it, you are on 4 legs and HB behind you. Every time a different person reads the message sent, but does not bother to read the previous conversation with another operator, so you never know solve your problem. I identify myself but they do not return my account. They always make you be in a circle of emails. Well, right now I think they dont want to solve it, they have stolen my coins.HitBtc greedy. Are not commissions enough? Returns accounts to users who identify themselves as me.
Oier Rodriguez
29 Jun 2018 by Trustpilot

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