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Out of all the exchanges,...

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Out of all the exchanges, I have used, this one is by far the worst. Slow to process and to place trades, FN rediculous withdraw fees. One could argue, it is the trader's responsibility to review and demo, but I will counter with -<br/><br/> judging by the consistently negative reviews and the below average rating, far below average rating, there is need on the exchanges part to clearly state something comparable to a warning of use, or a clear statement decreeing that they are attempting to cater to larger investors and traders, therefore, we set our fees ridiculously high and limit the versatility in setting your amounts and preferred prices to deter small investors and traders. <br/><br/>The only reason I have any amount of crypto here is that I refuse to pay the withdrawal fees until I build up the account so I don't pay over 60-90% of what I have in it to the exchange.<br/><br/>Terrible.
21 Dec 2017 by CryptoCompare

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