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My experience was good until my phone…

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My experience was good until my phone crashed and my 2FA code I wrote down and triple checked to get back into my account didn't work. I submitted a ticket to shut off the 2FA that never got resolved and then submitted another ticket for the same thing. After 8 e-mails and sending the support team more of my personal info than I've ever sent to anyone combined, her I sit, still not able to get into my account. I don't know what else I could provide, maybe fingerprints and my birth certificate. They say it's very risky shutting off the 2FA and they want to confirm your identity which is great to an extent but I've sent more than enough info to prove it's my account. Anyway, it's probably more risky to submit all your personal info including pictures of yourself and D.L. by e-mail to a support team that can only be e-mailed and that for all you know really could be anyone. Been e-mailed by multiple support members and they just keep asking for more info to confirm my identity. Beginning to wonder who I'm really talking to and even if it is legit I don't feel very good about giving any of them my info anyway. How many people do you know and deal with that are trustworthy? Not very many. C'mon HitBTC, there are a few key pieces of info a person can give to prove they own the account and that's where you should conclude it. Especially after the second ticket. Also, maybe offering some additional support by phone or chat would save a lot of time and headache.
Brooks Morrow
26 Jun 2018 by Trustpilot

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