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IT is not a good platform

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I know hitbtc platform because of the MTC coin, but registered account in 2 days, I was hacked ,the MTC have been malicious cheap trading, account lost, because I don't how many money, I feel ill; Therefore, I need help from the platform, because I have set a strict account password, but you have been avoiding the responsibility, thinking that it has nothing to do with the platform. But I want to say in the same network environment, account of the other platforms is very safe, never to be hacked, but your platform was hacked, you hurt my heart completely, I couldn't use hitbtc trading platform, now I am afraid of stolen money again; What is more unacceptable to me is that you have no intention to compensate the user or compensate the user with actual actions. I hope you are responsible to the users and give me some compensation. Please consider it. Thank you.
ewe d
23 Jun 2018 by Trustpilot

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