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I received an email that someone opened…

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I received an email that someone opened an account with my email address, so I contacted them and asked them to close this account as I never opened an account there. They said someone probably accidentally typed in the wrong email address (which is highly unlikely as my email address is not one you can have an accident with and seems the answer they give to everyone). They then said it will take them a few days to deactivate the account, and they also asked me if i would like to keep the account for myself. Now clearly that is not normal, they will let me keep an account someone else opened with my email address, seriously? It smells like they bought my email address off a list and opened the account as spam as a way in trying to get new members. Serious companies don´t say this, they close the account immediately. It didn´t seem like they were very concerned though. How can a company like this be trusted? Very fishy.
25 Mar 2020 by Trustpilot

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