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I have just had a...

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I have just had a very saddening response after 30 odd emails that my account has been hacked and all is lost. Even though there is no record of it happening on my history. My account was credited with just under 4 btc and has slowly disappeared over the past day. No one has done anything about it. A lame response said to change my password. There is no evidence in my logs of funds being extracted from my account, there’s simply a fault on there end and I’m losing all my money. So far $20k is missing. I’m devastated. They have made zero effort to deal with this crime. Absolutely disgusting, totally unprofessional. Please beware of this sham of an operation. You cannot speak to anyone, no one will help when in trouble. See you in court hitbtc. Please people, stay away, they don’t care about you or your money.
22 Nov 2017 by CryptoCompare

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