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I am having a bad...

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I am having a bad experience at the moment and i don't know where to get a help. I opened an account and want to deposit money quickly as possible so i choose to deposit ETH to my wallet in HitBTC which they created right away after a clicked "Deposit ETH"<br/><br/>It is now more than 22 hours and it still didn't show up on my ETH account. Normally transfers to ETH Wallets takes just a few mins.<br/><br/>I wrote to support and they wrote to me<br/><br/>"It seems that you've sent ETH from the contract. But receiving money from contracts is not available on HitBTC, it is important to remember that.<br/><br/>We will proceed your transaction manually and contact you after that. Thank you for your patience.<br/><br/>Regards,<br/>Eugene Moura<br/>HitBTC Support Team"<br/><br/>That is it. Now like i said it is more than 22 Hours. Nothing changed. I am still waiting.<br/><br/>That is the wallet ID they gave me<br/>0xef82aa24ce13191af5d87ea68d8428ff97509e33<br/><br/>and <br/>TxHash:<br/>0x058cdaf762b616cda38332f85e22ea038c8c454d23b37effabf8b3a026964239<br/><br/>Value:<br/>0 Ether ($0.00) <br/><br/>Best Regards,<br/><br/>Celik
11 Nov 2017 by CryptoCompare

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