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Hitbtc's security level is very low

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Hitbtc's security level is very low I loss about $5000 in may account by hacking while google 2stepe verification was active !Support team competence very low I'm trying to summarize the reasons of my dissatisfaction:despite my efforts to pinpoint the security weakness of the exchange hitbtc and to provide with strong reasons, hitbt's colleagues insisted that the reason for hacking my account and the loss of my money was a security mistake of my own. In fact because of less competence or even intentionally, they didn’t help me at all to return my money back to me even though I showed up with obvious reasons like bypassing the google authenticator, the reason why my account was hacking was a weak spot in the hitbtc site, not mistakes like scam site visitation or password exposing.After checking , I found out that there are some people with similar problems like me but unfortunately hitbtc's level of responsibility was very low for these people.That's why I've all my friends aware of this and I encourage them to transfer their money from the hitbtc to such exchanges as binanc, because the crunching of your hitbtc is a high risk factor.Finally, thanks for creating this path to attract my opinion.
Saeid Ghorbani
28 Jun 2018 by Trustpilot

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