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HitBTC should change their name to HitBTS "s" for Scam

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Update, They still won't let me in my account,This is what I found in Finance MagnatesHitBTC Freezes Customer’s Account for Months, Apologises After Exposure"Nobody seems to know where HitBTC is actually located, or who runs it."Apparently, the 65 year-old’s account had been locked for three months, and because of this she lost “thousands” as she was not able to respond to changes in the market. The exchange requested that she verify her identity, but apparently continued to refuse her access despite receiving a pile of documents including her driving licence, utility bills, bank statements and more. Sicarious decided to get his friends together to help out.I rarely ask for such, but for once I’m going to ask something from my 50k followers. If you could retweet the thread and share any similar issues you’ve had with @hitbtc, I would greatly appreciate it. #bitcoin $crypto — sicarious (@Sicarious_) July 25, 2018Sure enough, the story quickly gained traction and at this point HitBTC was quick to respond and apologise.HitBTC Dear @Sicarious_, please accept our sincere apologies. We have sent your mom a personal message in the ticket. Please know that we will be happy if, despite this experience, she continues trading with us. Best regards, HitBTC team.So Beware it is pure a SCAM!They won't let me enter my account because I reset my phone and lost the 2fA app, I have my user name I have my password I have my phone I have my email, those are all registered in HitBTC and I sent them the ID photo and my picture with their ticket number, I know what's inside my account but they still won't let me enter my account, beware of this company, I know I'm not the only one with that issue, I am not going to give up on that until they let me enter my account or give me back my money
אבי משולם צילומי רחפן ופוסט פר
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