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HitBTC just "steals" ~2.48 ETH from my…

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HitBTC just "steals" ~2.48 ETH from my account, accusing me fraud.Since Dec. 2017 support promises to investigate id60501 ...Instead of refunding they mail me today "We highly appreciate your interest in our exchange, it is a big pleasure to have such Trader as you are." and ask for feedback. So here we go: From my experience HitBTC is a usable crypto exchange in case everything goes right. For me the very first trade with them ended in a mess and the so called support seems to be bots only.Loss of 2.48 ETH is not killing me, but there are people out there who have to work a lot for this amount. I would not say HitBTC are scammers by purpose, but as a matter of fact they are the most unprofessional exchange I know (I do some 10 trades per month). So if you like your coins you better don't use HitBTC.
Stefan Richter
28 Jun 2018 by Trustpilot

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