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HitBTC illegally continues to hold my…

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STAY AWAY FROM HitBTC, THEY STEAL MONEY.HitBTC illegally continues to hold my funds and doesn't cooperate with the police for 2 months. On September 28, HitBTC has received the official request from the police (Ticket#583863) sent to the legal mail to proceed with refundsToday is 14 November, until today they never respond to the Police and they keep holding my funds illegally.No running business in Hong Kong- there they only post office box (information confirmed by the police also), this is a scammer company with no policy and no respect on authorities. All addresses are fake on their site. This is an organized criminal company with not procedures and no legal department - DO NOT TRADE WITH THEM BECAUSE YOU RISKThis company refuse to do the verification process on me because they want to keep my funds illegally even after they are asked by the Police to make refunds.THIS IS A CRIME
14 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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