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Freezing my account because I am using…

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I have read your response which is pretty lame and hypocritical coming from a company who do not disclose any identities of their team members, something that often raises a red flag for many users, nothing is known about management. Your own sales pitch ...HitBTC does not force KYC measures on its users! No forced KYC! Right, what you are doing is deceiving customers by letting them join without KYC, then you black mail them by freezing their accounts. That is NOT the way to treat customers.Freezing my account because I am using a VPN service to the tune of $1800.- Now I am getting blackmailed into submiting full KYC documentation after accepting my funds and extracting high conversion fees- why have I not notified of your change of policies BEFOREHAND- why do you accept funds of people who are not full KYC?- why do you take my money (twice, ZRX to USDT which bounced based on you system and I was not notified on what the issue is, then USDT to BTC) on conversion fees but refuse to release my funds?- using a VPN is standard practice by a lot of people who are safety / security conscious and if you intend to be a player in this industry I suggest you learn to live with it.
01 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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