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Freezing my account because I am using…

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Freezing my account because I am using a VPN service to the tune of $1800.- Now I am getting blackmailed into submiting full KYC documentation after accepting my funds and extracting high conversion fees- why have I not notified of your change of policies BEFOREHAND- why do you accept funds of people who are not full KYC?- why do you take my money (twice, ZRX to USDT which bounced based on you system and I was not notified on what the issue is, then USDT to BTC) on conversion fees but refuse to release my funds?- using a VPN is standard practice by a lot of people who are safety / security conscious and if you intend to be a player in this industry I suggest you learn to live with it.
01 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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