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First, at 11 november, im...

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First, at 11 november, im found at my protonmail 5 unread messages with password reset link. After that, im tried to login into my Hitbtc account, but my password was changed. - Protonmail IP login history shows only my IP’s. - i used this email only for my HitBtc account. So, how it could happened? How my password can be changed without e-mail confirmation?<br/><br/>Than i reset my password again, and after confirming e-mail link i found that someone switched on 2FA on my account. But i totally sure that i’m never used 2fa on Hitbtc before!<br/><br/>I wrote support requests (ID #46807, #47279, #47823) and 2 days after they asked me to provide last transactions hashes. And i’m done it, i sent hashes. After, they ask me to verify by selfie and photo of an ID, but that strange - at first I did not want to go through the verification process, because i did not plan to withdraw fiat.<br/><br/>16.11 support answered<br/>«Thank you for provided information. Your reques has been put in the queue. 2-fa authentication will be removed from your account as soon as possible.»<br/>After that i have 5 messages from support like:<br/>21.11 «How do things stand now? The problem still persists?» (but 2fa still activated on my account and they see that!!)<br/><br/>After that 1 more message:<br/>«The issue you reported requires additional investigation. We have escalated the issue to our second-level support experts and flagged it as high priority. We will keep you posted on the progress.»<br/><br/>After that they keep silence and ignore my tickets second week!<br/>I make a conclusion, that Hitbtc admins fucked up large traders and blocking accounts that way, and after that they do everything to not restore your account and ignore you! If someone have connections with Hitbtc admins or tips for solving this situation please help me, because this disgusting situation can happen to anyone who thading on Hitbtc and finally that will lead to Hitbtc scam!<br/>Withdraw your money from Hitbtc ASAP!
06 Dec 2017 by CryptoCompare

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