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Do not trust HitBTC with your money

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The website UI and the general mechanism are unusual and take to get used to.That's not why I'm giving one star. I am giving one star because the withdrawal fees are way too high and chaotic (for example 100 USD for Tether). On top the customer support is the worst I ever experienced, HitBTC managed to just 'lose' a deposit of mine worth over 10.000 USD due to a systems change. For almost half a year all I'm getting are assurances that I will get by deposited coins and that they are 'in the process' of retrieval.Unfortunately, even if they someday manage to retrieve my token, they are worthless by now.Problems like these seem to be common around HitBTC so I would never again trust them with bigger amounts of money.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Update:After exactly 121 days they managed to recover my funds and credit them to my wallet. Thay failed to also claim the Airdrop that got delivered to the address and did not reimburse me for the loss of 95% I had to suffer, due to the now worthless token.
22 Jun 2018 by Trustpilot

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