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After more than 7 days I transferred my …

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After more than 7 days I transferred my bitcoins from the trading account to my main account. Bitcoins never arrived in my main account, they just disappeared from my HITBTC account.More than ten tickets that I sent to support, still nothing.The last answer of the support:"Paola Balz Paola Balzano (HitBTC)Nov 27, 11:34 WETDear Trader,Thank you for reaching out!We hope you would forgive us for that unpleasant experience. Let us assure you that your coins haven't gone anywhere, it's just a display issue, which is being fixed at the moment, right now. We will report to you once we're done.Regards,Paola BalzanoHitBTC Support team"There are dozens of people who have the same problem with HITBTC.Go see it on the HITBTC form.HITBTC has become a scam, beware.
Kande Moctar
27 Nov 2017 by Trustpilot

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