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Account blocked and documents refused

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It’s all the day that I’m trying to have my account verified. They do accept the deposits without the need of verification BUT they block you the account when you want to withdraw. I’ve tried 5 times to send my the documents (using different documents as well) but every time they have different excuses. First refused because they stated the pictures was’t clear (which is not true at all). After trying 3 times, now they are refusing because they think my documents is expired?? My documents is definitely valid and I have really enough! No support at all from the customer service.I think this is a scam and I will contact my lawyer in order to understand how can I move ahead.My ticket number is #569926.Update: this morning the verification has been pushed back one more time. All the process is really a joke and I really ensure this is happening on your platform, I’m sorry. I would also to underline that I did’t receive any support from the customer service apart saying to resubmit the documents (for the 6th time?). Those are the documents I have and they are valid.Update II: received an answer that they cannot accept my driving license because is expired (which is valid until 2022). I do not understand if is done on propose or they really think it is expired. In any case really really poor service and my money is still blocked.Answer: they do not explain anything! My driver license is valid and you’re blocking my fund, on purpose. That’s the reality. Anyways, I will report to my layer and police!
04 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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